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The SattvaTech Story

Sattva Technologies LLC offers cannabis production facility and design and the integration of those aspects into architectural and engineered prints.  Using a specialized company, like Sattva Tech., has proven to be the most cost-effective method to build a medical grade cannabis cultivation and processing facility.  We have proven to save $100-$1M per project due to our design practices.  With integration of the current and future production plans into the engineered prints, the entire quoting process and build design is streamlined.  

As an engineering consultant company, Sattva Tech’s main priority is to provide technical assistance to the customer, and be a representative for them, throughout the build.  Sattva strives to have the customers best interest in mind, we do not sell or resell any items (unless special circumstances i.e. internally designed or custom products).  We can and will assist in the specifications of any required items, we should be on the communication plan for any items that are part of the build and production requirements.  Sattva has many subject matter experts that can be called on if required, including explosion, fire and wastewater requirements.

Sattva Tech, has experience in the design and build of many large State Approved cannabis cultivation and production facilities, including floor layouts, lighting patterns and layouts, HVAC Loads, plumbing/reverse osmosis system requirements and security systems.   We have built and designed facilities up to 150ksq-ft with over 10-Megawatt of power, using over 500T of cooling.

Designs can include, but not limited, to grow facilities including living soil, coco, full hydro, and outdoor farms.  This will include the integration of the following; floor layout including pot/tray layout, cycle time, planned veg/clone layout and room size.  Electrical design including light layout through to production flow and complete building loads requirements.  HVAC design including heat loads, dehumidification requirements, air flow/exchanges, clean air and filtration, curing and drying.  Plumbing design including production requirements, RO systems, wastewater, cleaning, automatic water/nutrient feeding, drainage, wastewater.  Production engineering, grow scenarios, timing, yield goals, project management and processing schedules.   Fire Suppression and system requirements.

In addition to grow facility layouts we can integrate security/camera systems layouts, hash room design, solvent based lab (C1/D1-D2), large scale automatic packaging equipment, kitchen design, oil processing and vape filling, distillation equipment.  We also have designed and built operational dispensaries.